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Gaia International


Our dream at Gaia is to create a community of strong, independent, kind individuals all focused on seeing the beauty in our world, on striving to make the world a more tolerant place and taking the necessary steps to prove that true beauty exists not in appearance, but in heart, education and charity. An international pageant like no other, focused on empowerment through written, photographic and video tasks, which emphasises the beauty in service. Let Gaia International be the platform on which you achieve your dreams and be your own beautiful.


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Gaia International Duchess

Ages 18 - 25:
Duchess - Enthusiastic,
cosmopolitan & wholehearted

Gaia International Goddess

Ages 25 - 35:
Goddess - Compassionate,
charming & sophisticated

Gaia International Glamorous

Ages 36 - 50:
Glamorous - Elegant, driven
& accomplised

Gaia International Classique

Ages 51+:
Classique - Ageless, diligent
& dedicated

Gaia International Unique

Ages 18+:
Unique - Special, quirky
& individual

Gaia International Suave

Ages 18+:
Suave -  Charming
chivalrous & dignified

Gaia International Youth Categories

Ages under 18

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