About Us

Having had some pretty degrading experiences in the pageant industry in recent years, it has become exceedingly clear that the word beauty is so very often misunderstood. That despite being offered the opportunity to work towards a better world, the cold hard reality is that pageants cater to a limited few, their selection criteria is antiquated and their idea of beauty is misconstrued. That when it all boils down to it, the finalists are more often than not simply awarded on a popularity based system, a system that is damaging to the very psyche, the self-esteem of all involved.

At Gaia we believe that being globally focused, kind-hearted and unique is what inherently makes someone beautiful. As such, we wished to deliver a platform that has no public voting and no popularity contests attached.

In accordance, and differing it from all traditional beauty pageants out there, we offer a task based judging system adjudicated entirely on contestant merit.

Each stage will be fully supported with written feedback to enable our competitors to learn and grow with each and every milestone met. Our aim is to guide you at each and every stage, as our dream is to see your dreams reached, on an international platform.

At Gaia we believe every competitor has the right to be your own beautiful, so it will be your own words and actions that will drive your journey and define who you are.

At Gaia, we welcome contestants equally from all walks of life; male, female, gay, straight, trans, bi, non-binary, tattooed, plus-sized, pierced, drag, young, old, employed or otherwise...

Your dream, your ambition, your journey is important to us. Choose who you are and how you represent yourself by registering for one or more of our inclusive categories.

We wish to create a platform on which to encourage an interactive community focused on compassion, understanding and humility. We hope to inspire contestants to interact with each other across our social media platforms to encourage, to guide and to learn. For Gaia, let it not be said we dragged each other down! Let it be announced loudly, that when it counted, we held each other up.

The Gaia mission is to be your own beautiful. We encourage ANYONE who wishes to be heard in the world, to make a difference, to contribute to the ever-changing notion of what it is to be truly beautiful to join our quest to reinvent the beauty pageant.


Beauty is in how you approach the world. Beauty is in how you treat each other.
Beauty is ... as we say at Gaia, be your own beautiful.
Own it! Create it! Define it!