Gaia International FAQs

What is Gaia International?

An online international pageant with a focus on beauty as an expression of charity, compassion and kindness. What is Gaia International not?

A competition based on superficial beauty and popularity contests. How many categories does the competition have?

Gaia International currently has four categories for women. These categories are as follows;

  • Gaia International Duchess
  • Gaia International Goddess
  • Gaia International Glamorous
  • Gaia International Classique

We also have the following three categories;

  • Gaia International Unique
  • Gaia International Suave
  • Gaia International Youth

How does the competition work?

Each category runs as it’s own individual competition. There are 3 different stages to the competition;

  • Stage 1- Free application to compete
  • Stage 2- National Title competition
  • Stage 3- The ultimate title for Gaia International

Acceptance of a position as a National Finalist will require a sponsorship fee to be paid.

Each contestant will have 10 days from invitation to finalise their registration. No registrations will be accepted after the cut off date. Registrations will close at 11.59pm Eastern Time on the due date.

Can I compete in more than one category?

Competitors are eligible to enrol in categories based on age and gender.

Competitors will also be able to enrol themselves in the Unique category if they wish to identify as such.

Please note, each category entered requires a seperate sponsorship/ registration fee.

Each contestant will have 10 days from invitation to finalise their registration. No registrations will be accepted after the cutoff date. Registrations will close at 11.59pm Eastern Time on the due date.

What do my sponsorship/ registration fees cover?

Your fees cover placement within the National Finalist stage of the competition, a welcome gift bag for registration in the competition, finalist sashes and prizes (as listed on the Fees and Rewards page) as awarded through the competition.

Please note, this cost does not include wardrobe and transport should you be successful in reaching the Grand Final.

What are the fees associated?

  • Stage 1- $0 to apply
  • Stage 2- $500 USD for National Titles
  • Stage 3- There are no sponsorship fees for successful contestants in Stage 3, International Titles.

The total cost, should you be successful through all 3 Stages of the competition is $500 USD.

Which countries are able to compete?

All countries are eligible to be represented in Gaia International. To represent your country you must provide valid citizenship documentation to prove your nationality, residency and claim. (eg passport or drivers license)

Can I represent more than one country?

No. You must represent the city/state/country from which you currently hold residency as well as citizenship. You will be asked to provide evidence of your residential address. PO Boxes and the like will not be accepted (gifts and prizes are unable to be delivered to PO Boxes). Can I enter the competition in successive years?

Contestants are able to compete more than once for the Gaia International title as long as they have never been an ultimate title holder for the category they are re-enrolling in. Winners of the Gaia International Ultimate Titles are excluded from successive competitions, however if you have won, for example Goddess, you may compete in Glamorous as you reach the appropriate age, providing one whole calendar year from your win has passed.

Winners of the 2019 event will be able to compete in alternate categories they match as of 2021.

Am I expected to look a certain way?

As Gaia is focussing on personality, compassion, kindness and charity, you are expected to look like yourself. You will be in charge of your online profile and the pictures you submit for your tasks and profile. As part of the winning prize the grand finalists will be given the opportunity to enjoy a pampering and ‘makeover’ – this will have a focus on feeling empowered, relaxed, spoilt, healthy and beautiful.

What is meant by web-based submissions?

There will be a series of tasks per to submit in order to compete in the National Finals. To be eligible for a title, contestants must complete the tasks and submit their applications online via their profiles or email on or before the due date. No submissions will be accepted after the cutoff date. Submissions will not be accepted after 11.59pm Eastern Time on the due date. All tasks will include video, photographs and written activities.

Opening the submission process to uploads online not only allows contestants to be in charge of the image they chose to represent themselves, but it also allows for any competitor who believes they have what it takes to change the world, to reshape the concept of beauty and to demonstrate to the world how to be your own beautiful the opportunity to participate, no matter their nationality or socio-economic background. How are the tasks judged?

Tasks will be emailed to successful contestants registered into each stage. They will be given a deadline in which to complete and upload their submissions. Each contestant will have a clearly nominated period of time in which to complete and submit their entries for the allotted tasks. No submissions will be accepted after the publicized and advised cut off date. Submissions will close at 11.59pm Eastern Time on the due date.

All tasks will be marked against specific criteria the contestants will be provided with on notification of the tasks.

Contestants who score the highest in the each Stage will be awarded the title of that stage. If there is a tie between contestants, they will share that title.

Any contestant who scores a total of 80% or more will be awarded title of runner up.

Only winners of their National Title will be invited to compete in the Grand Final.

Runners up will be extended an invitation to attend the event.

Should a winner be unable to compete in the Grand Final, the next highest scoring runner up will be offered the opportunity to represent their country on the Grand Final stage.

Do I have to be involved in Gaia International Spirit of the World Award?

No. Contestants can choose to enrol for free in the Gaia International Spirit of the World Award if they wish to participate in the charity mission of Gaia to raise funds for our associate charities; WWF, UNICEF, Global Education Fund, Oxfam, Save the Children and WildAid.

The contestant who raises the most funds over the course of the competition will be awarded the Gaia International Spirit of the World Award. What personal information and documentation am I required to provide Gaia International?

To register for Gaia International contestants will be required to submit an application which includes their full name, age, residential address, phone number and email. They will also be required to upload a photo of their passport or drivers licence. These details will not be published on the public domain.

Contestants will also be required to submit photos and videos of themselves as part of the tasks- these photos will appear on the contestants’ own profile. A chosen Headshot only will appear in the contestant gallery and will be the only image to appear in the public domain.

How do I enter Gaia International?

Complete the registration form.

Can I be married?

Competitors can be married, single, divorced, de facto or widowed. At Gaia International we have no stipulation on marital status or relationship preference. We are an equal opportunity pageant that values the beauty of #loveislove and, as such, extends its invitation to everyone, from all walks of life. What do the Gaia International title winners do after they are crowned?

The Ultimate Title winners will be invited back to the following years’ pageant to crown the next winner of their category. Winners will also have the opportunity to continue their work with the Gaia International team fundraising and promoting Gaia International events globally.